Long weekends in 2024

As the new year begins, it’s exciting to look ahead and plan for those special long weekends. Whether you love traveling, savoring moments of relaxation, or just enjoying some extra time off, being aware of when these extended breaks happen is essential. Let’s discover the long weekends lined up for 2024. Check out the best travel planner for your upcoming vacation.

long weekends 2024
long weekends 2024

1. New Year’s Weekend

    • Dates: December 31, 2023 – January 1, 2024 (Saturday to Sunday)

    • Extra Day Off: January 2, 2024 (Monday)

    • Total Days: 3

Welcome the new year with a refreshing long weekend that extends the celebration beyond the typical two days.

2. Easter Weekend

    • Dates: April 19, 2024 (Good Friday) – April 21, 2024 (Easter Sunday)

    • Extra Day Off: April 22, 2024 (Easter Monday)

    • Total Days: 4

Take advantage of the extended Easter weekend for a getaway or some well-deserved relaxation.

3. Labor Day Weekend

    • Dates: May 1, 2024 (Labor Day, Tuesday)

    • Extra Day Off: April 28, 2024 (Saturday) – April 30, 2024 (Monday)

    • Total Days: 4

With Labor Day falling on a Tuesday, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy a four-day weekend by strategically taking Monday off.

4. Memorial Day Weekend

    • Dates: May 25, 2024 (Memorial Day, Monday)

    • Extra Day Off: May 26, 2024 (Saturday) – May 28, 2024 (Sunday)

    • Total Days: 4

Memorial Day provides a great opportunity for a long weekend getaway or a local adventure.

5. Independence Day Weekend

    • Dates: July 4, 2024 (Independence Day, Thursday)

    • Extra Day Off: July 5, 2024 (Friday)

    • Total Days: 4

Extend the celebration of Independence Day with a four-day weekend, allowing for a leisurely break.

6. Labor Day Weekend (Extended)

    • Dates: August 31, 2024 (Labor Day, Monday)

    • Extra Day Off: September 1, 2024 (Saturday) – September 3, 2024 (Monday)

    • Total Days: 4

The end of summer brings another opportunity for a four-day weekend with Labor Day.

7. Thanksgiving Weekend

    • Dates: November 28, 2024 (Thanksgiving, Thursday)

    • Extra Day Off: November 29, 2024 (Friday)

    • Total Days: 4

Give thanks and enjoy a long weekend to kick off the holiday season.

8. Christmas Weekend

    • Dates: December 25, 2024 (Christmas, Wednesday)

    • Extra Day Off: December 26, 2024 (Thursday) – December 29, 2024 (Sunday)

    • Total Days: 5

Celebrate Christmas with an extended weekend that allows for both festive gatherings and a relaxing break.

9. New Year’s Weekend (Extended)

    • Dates: December 31, 2024 (New Year’s Eve, Tuesday)

    • Extra Day Off January 1, 2025 (New Year’s Day, Wednesday) – January 5, 2025 (Sunday)

    • Total Days: 6

End the year on a high note with an extended long weekend that flows flawlessly into the first days of the new year.

Make thoughtful plans for getaways, staycations, or moments of serenity, maximizing the potential of the upcoming long weekends in 2024. Whether it’s a spontaneous getaway or a relaxed time spent with loved ones, these breaks provide an ideal chance to revive and craft lasting memories.

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