What Is Picuki And How Does It Work?

Ever wished you could save a photo from Instagram without resorting to taking screenshots? Many people face the challenge of not being able to save photos and stories on this social media platform, as Instagram doesn’t allow users to save each other’s content. However, there are tools available that can help you overcome this hurdle, and one such tool is Picuki.

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What Is Picuki?

Picuki is a handy online photo editing tool designed for Instagram users. It simplifies the process of saving Instagram photos from public pages, whether they’re posts or stories. Once saved, users can edit these photos with Picuki and easily share them with their friends.

Moreover, Picuki allows you to browse Instagram without the need to log in. This not only adds a fun aspect to your experience but also serves as a valuable tool for market research. You can search for photos based on hashtags, locations, or specific captions. Picuki will display public profiles that match the criteria you’ve entered, offering a useful feature for exploring content on the platform.

Additionally, Picuki lets you stay in the loop with the latest trends on Instagram. When you visit its main page, you’ll find the trending profiles and hashtags showcased. Simply click on any profile or hashtag to explore the associated posts and stories.

Note: Some may mistakenly call it Pickui or Pickuki, but the correct name for the website is simply Picuki.

Discover the Latest Trends on Instagram

Picuki features a button labeled “Trending” that, when clicked, reveals the latest popular posts and hashtags on Instagram. This function not only lets you stay updated with trends but also provides an opportunity to engage and increase your popularity within these trends.

On the top of the page, you’ll find commonly used hashtags. If you’re wondering which hashtags to incorporate into your posts for better visibility, these suggestions can be quite helpful. However, it’s crucial to select hashtags that align with your content and captions.

It’s important to note that all your activities on this site remain private – only visible to you. Picuki prioritizes your privacy, ensuring that your visits to others’ posts and stories go unnoticed. The platform operates discreetly and anonymously. Additionally, Picuki restricts users from viewing and downloading Instagram photos only; functionalities like following, liking, or leaving comments are not supported.

How Does Picuki Work?

Using Picuki is a breeze. Just visit the website or opt for the app version. Please be aware that the Picuki app is exclusively accessible on the Google Play Store at the moment.

To explore content on the website, you have a couple of options – you can search using the profile name or hashtag. Simply input the username or tag into the search field and click on the search button to get started.

Once you enter a hashtag, you’ll get a list of photos arranged from the most recent to the oldest. From there, you can choose to view either the stories or posts. Not only can you see the photos, but you can also read the captions.

Clicking on a photo allows you to explore additional details, such as the other hashtags used and the pages tagged in that post. The comments section is also visible. It’s a good idea to note down the hashtags used in each post. This way, you can leverage a variety of hashtags when competing with other brands or teams in your market.

Edit Instagram Photos On Picuki

As mentioned before, Picuki also allows you to edit photos. You get three choices: view, download, and edit the content.

Opting for Download lets you save the photo to your computer, where you can further edit it using other tools like Photoshop.

If you choose Edit, you can modify the photo directly on the website and then download the edited version to your computer. Picuki offers robust editing features, providing numerous preferences, including preset filters, cropping, and color adjustments, to enhance your photos.

If you’ve used photo editing tools before, adding text, stickers, and borders to photos on Picuki is straightforward and convenient. Once you’re done editing, you can download the photo and use it wherever you’d like.

A noteworthy aspect of this tool is that the file you download from Picuki maintains its original quality and high resolution. Even when you zoom in on the picture, the quality remains impressive. This is one of the positive features of using this tool.

Can Picuki reveal private Instagram accounts?

Picuki doesn’t support viewing private Instagram accounts; it only works with public profiles. If you need to check private accounts, you might explore alternative tools, but it’s worth noting that most of them are often ineffective. Private Instagram accounts have protection measures, making it challenging for others to access the content without permission.

What other options are there instead of Picuki?

1. InstaDP

A great alternative to Picuki is InstaDP, which enables users to view and edit Instagram photos, stories, and reels. It operates anonymously, ensuring that your actions, such as viewing or downloading photos, go unnoticed. Like many Instagram viewers, InstaDP can only track public Instagram pages, making it a safe and legal tool to use.


2. SmiHub

SmiHub, also recognized as StoriesIG, serves as a free Instagram viewer and downloader similar to Picuki. However, a key distinction is that SmiHub doesn’t allow you to search Instagram content using hashtags. Instead, you can only input the username of the page you wish to view and download photos from. The website has two tabs—one for viewing and the other for downloading—unlike Picuki, where you can do both on the same page.

Regardless, SmiHub remains a potent tool for those who want to discreetly view and download Instagram photos or videos without revealing their identity. Your actions on this platform won’t be traceable, ensuring your privacy while watching others’ stories.


3. Gramhir

The main page of this website closely resembles Picuki, allowing you to search for public Instagram users by entering their usernames. However, it limits your interactions on their profiles—you can only view and not leave comments, follow, or like. Essentially, you’re a passive observer.

Yet, Gramhir offers a crucial feature for market research: it analyzes the profiles you view. This means you can assess your own Instagram account’s performance on the website. Gramhir provides statistics such as average likes per post, average comments per post, time between posts, and the account rate. For those using Instagram as a marketing tool, these insights can aid in improving your performance on the platform and staying competitive in your market.

4.  IMGLookup

So far, all the alternatives to Picuki could only handle viewing and downloading photos from public Instagram profiles. However, IMGLookup breaks the mold by allowing you to view content on private profiles as well. It’s important to emphasize that this website operates entirely within legal and safe boundaries and isn’t a method to hack Instagram pages.

IMGLookup simply reveals the content on private pages. Just enter the username, click on the access profile button, and wait a few minutes for the website to gather the necessary information to display the content on that particular page.


5. CleverGet

If you’re looking to download Instagram videos, CleverGet serves as an excellent substitute for Picuki. This free video downloader requires you to download the app on your desktop and then input the URL of the video you wish to download. The best part is that it’s not limited to Instagram – CleverGet can download videos from other platforms like YouTube and various websites that host valuable video content.



As a social media marketer, you might require various tools to gather information about different Instagram profiles or conduct market research on the platform. There are numerous applications that can aid you in these tasks, and among them, Picuki stands out as a popular choice.

Picuki not only allows you to browse public photos based on hashtags or usernames but also provides the capability to edit or download these photos, giving you the flexibility to use them with some modifications. It’s a completely free and legal tool that many people use for various purposes.

If your goal is to gain more followers and introduce your brand to a wider audience, consider joining Ainfluencer to kickstart your influencer marketing journey. With just a few clicks, you can surpass your competitors and tap into the influence of thousands of social media influencers.


Que 1. Is Picuki anonymous?

Ans. Yes, Picuki ensures anonymity. Your visits to profiles or downloads of photos remain completely discreet. Even your views on Instagram stories are hidden, and no notifications are sent, so you can relax about privacy concerns.

Que 2. Can someone see if I saw their Instagram?

Ans. No, Picuki operates in a way that leaves no trace on Instagram pages. It functions anonymously, ensuring that your name won’t appear on posts and stories.

Que 3. Why doesn’t Picuki work?

Ans. There are a few potential reasons. Firstly, Picuki exclusively displays content from public pages, so if it’s not working or showing nothing, it could be due to entering a private username. Additionally, server congestion or high traffic might cause temporary issues. It’s advisable to take a break and return in a few hours.

Que 4. Is Picuki safe?

Ans. Absolutely. Picuki is a secure platform for users and Instagram pages as it only showcases content from public pages, eliminating any legal concerns.

Que 5. Why is Picuki not showing stories?

Ans. If you’re having trouble, first check your internet connection. Ensure you’re viewing a public page, as private pages’ stories are inaccessible. Clear the cache and Picuki data if needed. For Picuki application users, update or reinstall the app, ensuring you have the latest version.

Que 5. Can I download Instagram videos on Picuki?

Ans. Currently, Picuki only functions as an image downloader, allowing you to view, download, and edit photos. Video downloading isn’t supported. To download Instagram videos and reels, consider using other tools.

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